[Blog Tour 2018 (May 10-17)] Mr. Peacock’s Possessions by Lydia Syson

Oceania 1879. A family of settlers from New Zealand are the sole inhabitants of a remote volcanic island. 

For two years they have struggled with the harsh reality of trying to make this unforgiving place a paradise they can call their own. At last, a ship appears. The six Pacific Islanders on board have travelled eight hundred miles across the ocean in search of work and new horizons. Hopes are high for all, until a vulnerable boy vanishes. In their search for the lost child, settlers and newcomers together uncover far more than they were looking for. The island¹s secrets force them all to question their deepest convictions.

An intimate, intense and beautifully realised novel of possession, power and the liberating loss of innocence, this will delight fans of MISTER PIP and THE POISONWOOD BIBLE.

Synopsis from Goodreads


image001Title: Mr. Peacock’s Possessions

Author: Lydia Syson

Format: eARC

Part of a Series: None

Released Year: May 2018

No. of Pages: 432

Genre: Adult Fiction







Mini-Book Review:

Massive thanks to Amazing Cara Vanrhyn  for sending an eARC edition of this book my way. This did not, in any way, affect my overall opinions/reactions of the book/or the story.


I absolutely love this book. It was an amazing read.

I couldn’t think of any words. My review would be short because all I could say is that I love the book and again I love the book. From the characters, the setting, and the overall theme of the book, loved the story!

I don’t why but this book is widely powerful that I could easily dive into it, as fast as I started reading it. And for the mere fact, that the book were based on true story that why I could easily reflect this into the real life.

I couldn’t think of any flowery words to describe the feeling that I felt. Perfection, I guess is the best word!

To end this short review, I HIGHLY recommend this book to those reader’s out there who love anything about the secrets and the powerful things about life.

For sure, you couldn’t put this book down!

Ratings: 5/5 ⭐ 


Thanks to Cara Vanrhyn for inviting me to join this blog tour. It was another amazing thing I did again, thanks for the opportunity! And as a party to the book, they sponsored a giveaway in my Instagram account and we are giving away a ONE PAPERBACK OF MR. PEACOCK’S POSSESSIONS for a ONE lucky person. Check out the giveaway; MR. PEACOCK’S POSSESSIONS GIVEAWAY

And If you want some more information and reviews don’t forget to check out my fellow bloggers and dive in to their amazing reviews! 

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About the Author

Lydia Syson is a fifth-generation North Londoner who now lives south of the river with her partner and four children. After an early career as a BBC World Service Radio producer, she turned from the spoken to the written word, and developed an enduring obsession with history. Her PhD about poets, explorers and Timbuktu was followed by a biography of Britain’s first fertility guru, DOCTOR OF LOVE: JAMES GRAHAM AND HIS CELESTIAL BED, and then two YA novels for Hot Key Books set in the Spanish Civil War (A WORLD BETWEEN US) and World War Two (THAT BURNING SUMMER). LIBERTY’S FIRE, a passionate tale of the Paris Commune of 1871, is the third of her novels to be inspired, very loosely, by family history: Lydia’s anarchist great-great-grandmother moved in Communard circles in late nineteenth-century London.

From October 2015 she will be an RLF Fellow at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

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